Autism services offered in Fremont, CA

One in 44 children in the United States have autism spectrum disorder, a condition that causes learning, behavior, and social challenges. At Ocean Psychiatry, the mental health specialists offer autism evaluations for children and adults. The providers can also help you and your family manage the challenges autism presents. They focus on helping your child thrive at home and in school using a variety of therapies and needed medications.

To schedule an appointment for medication management for Autism, please call our office at 510-451-2000. 

To schedule an autism evaluation, call the office to our sister branch, Ocean Psychological. at 510-439-0657.

Autism Q & A

What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder describes a range of conditions that causes challenges with behaviors, social skills, and communication. Genetics and environmental factors play a role in autism, but there is no known cause.

Symptoms of autism can become apparent in early infancy, and in most cases, kids with autism will show signs by the age of 2.

Autism is a lifelong condition. The disorder typically requires some level of support to ensure people can enjoy a high quality, independent life as they get older.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Individuals with autism have unique behavior patterns ranging from high to low functioning. A child may show symptoms of autism like:

  • Difficulties learning
  • Poor eye contact
  • Inability to maintain eye contact
  • Difficulties expressing emotions or feelings
  • Problems interpreting facial expressions or tone of voice

Kids may also repeat words or phrases, make repetitive movements, or appear clumsy. Some may also cause harm to themselves, such as banging their head on objects or biting their own bodies.

If you have concerns about your child’s behaviors or your baby isn’t reaching milestones, you should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Ocean Psychiatry. The providers offer assessments in-office to confirm autism and rule out other conditions. Once they identify your child’s needs, the specialists customize a treatment plan to support their development.

How is autism managed?

There is no cure for autism, but with the guidance of the Ocean Psychiatry providers, you can learn how to provide the resources your child needs to thrive at home and in school.

As part of your child’s management plan for autism, the providers may recommend:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Educational therapy
  • Medications

Ocean Psychiatry also offers treatment plans for mental health issues that can occur alongside autism, such as anxiety and depression. Family therapy can also help adults and children in your family cope with the challenges of autism.

To help your child succeed in all areas of life, the specialists can work with your child’s school, caregivers, and other people involved in their life.

Schedule an autism evaluation for your child at Ocean Psychiatry using the online booking feature or call the office today.